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You can also contact the Vail Valley Foundation with any general questions about the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships:; (970) 777-2015.
For specific questions/needs:


Over 2,500 people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe will volunteer their time and talents to help fulfill the dream of 2015.

The 2015 Volunteers, known as the “15ers” are indeed the heart and soul of these World Championships and we thank you in advance for your dedication and commitment.

All of our volunteer positions are currently full. If you would like to be contacted if a position becomes available, please let us know  HERE.


Q: How many hours are required to volunteer:

A: Each volunteer needs to commit to a minimum of 60 hours during the championships

Q: What are the benefits of volunteering?

A: You will receive a complete uniform, which includes a winter jacket and snow pants, invites for fun volunteer parties, one free meal per shift, making friends with people from all over the world, being a part of an international event, and other great stuff!

Q: Where will I stay while volunteering?

A: We do expect you to find your own lodging. Some hotels will offer discounts in the Vail Valley.

Q: Why do I need to complete a background check?

A: Since this is an international event, all volunteer applicants are required to have a background check.

Q: Where should I wear  my accreditation?

A: Volunteers must wear their assigned event accreditation and it must be visible at all times during shift assignments.  Individual accreditations are non-transferrable and doing so will result in immediate dismissal from the event.  If your accreditation is lost or stolen report it immediately to your Volunteer Coordinator.

Q: As a Volunteer do I get medical coverage?

A: Volunteers are not covered by an event medical insurance policy or workers’ compensation should an injury occur during a shift assignment.  The cost of medical treatment will be borne by the volunteer should a situation arise during participation in this event.
Q: Can a Volunteer be terminated from the event?

A: The VVF has the right to terminate a volunteer without cause, but will always consider the cause leading to the termination. In general, failure to adhere to policies of the event is cause for immediate release.  The VVF organizers have the right to ask a volunteer to leave the event immediately.  Grounds for immediate dismissal may include, but are not limited to:

Gross misconduct or insubordination.
Reporting for a volunteer assignment under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Theft of property or misuse of agency funds, equipment or materials.
Misusing your event identification badge.
Falsifying statements on the application or during the interview process.
Illegal, violent or unsafe acts.
Abuse or mistreatment of clients or volunteers.
Releasing confidential information.
Unwillingness to support and further the mission of the organization.

Termination will be a joint decision between the section leader, the committee chairperson and the volunteer coordinator.

Q: Where should I park?

A: Volunteers will be allowed to park in the Elk lot and Little bear lot in Beaver Creek which can hold 800 vehicles. When that fills, volunteers are encouraged to follow the flow of general traffic. Every 15mins, there will be a bus from the Vilar Center and the Avon Transportation center to the Vail Transportation Center every day from 7am-Midnight. Parking Information…

Q: When will I pick up my  uniform?

A: Every Volunteer group will have a meeting the last week of January  where you will receive your uniform.


Q: Where are Volunteer Headquarters located?

A: Volunteer headquarters are located at 137 W Benchmark Rd, Avon, CO 81620.  The dates and hours of operation are  January 25th through February 15th, from 6am-6pm.  Current volunteer information during pre event and during the event can be found at the volunteer homepage , and also on Facebook and Twitter.   There will be a volunteer tent in Beaver Creek  located in the Race Venue next to Chair 9.  Water and food will be available to all volunteers at this location, along with a place to warm up and take a break.

Vail Volunteer Headquarters will be located in the basement level of La Bottega located at 100 E Meadow Dr, 37, Vail, CO 8165. You must report to your designated volunteer location each day to check in and check out for your shift.  Your meals will also be provided at this location.

Absences: If you cannot fulfill your volunteer commitment for the day, please notify your Volunteer Coordinator immediately via phone, text, or email. Consecutive or consistent absences without notifying appropriate staff may result in dismissal from the volunteer program along with forfeiture of assigned uniforms.  Your schedule and any updates will be provided to you by your Volunteer Coordinator via email and/or text message.

Meal Breaks: A meal will be provided for every shift you work as a volunteer.  Meal breaks are to be taken at the time and location specified by your Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteer credentials will be required to enter designated areas where meals will be available.


All volunteers must complete the video questionnaire, linked below, to let us know you have completed the volunteer training video.

Take the Volunteer Questionnaire CLICK HERE

Please find your volunteer team from the list below:


Coordinator: Debby Jasper
Lead: Doris Dewton



Coordinator: Christian Hauserman
Lead: Christina Arrigoni



Coordinator: Kara Woods



Gold Coordinator: Kathleen Cope
Silver Coordinator: Diane Parks



Coordinator: Neal Henzler



Coordinator: Debra Douglas
Lead: Tom Lundeen



Coordinator: Emilie Kelly



Coordinator: Tenie Chicoine
Lead: Jim Lee



Coordinator: John Swanson
Leads: Reed Ford & Billie Cowden



Coordinators: Joanna Kerwin & Sue Godec



Coordinator: Jim Sanders



Coordinator: Cookie Flaum and Suzy Donohue



Coordinator: Kirsten Zeller
Lead: Bill Zeller



Coordinator: Brad Ghent



Coordinator: Claire Thayer and Steve Croucher



Coordinators: Linda Nielsen, Bruce Kusske & Deb Forsline 



Vail Coordinator: Trey Bailey
Beaver Creek Coordinator: Ryan Vlaar



Coordinator: Sue Kruger