2015 AWSC Daily Release - Feb. 15
Photo (c) Logan Robertson

The 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships concluded today with Men’s Slalom on the Birds of Prey course in Beaver Creek. Jean-Baptiste Grange of France finished first, followed by Fritz Dopfer in second and Felix Neureuther in third, both of Germany.

Bonfire Dub and The Congress played the final Après Avon event on Saturday. The band invited Town and production staff onstage to celebrate a successful event and to choose the winning names for the Grand Prize of a complete set of the 2015 Championship Pins of the Day.

Following the races, podium finishers were honored at a medals ceremony in Red Tail Stadium. Fans then enjoyed a closing ceremony with live music, fireworks, and more as Vail and Beaver Creek “passed the torch” to Vail’s sister city, St. Moritz, Switzerland and said goodbye to the world.


Photo (c) Logan Robertson

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